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Fri, Feb. 16th, 2007, 10:31 pm
amara_anon: Sess drabbles

Here are a pair of Sesshomaru-related drabbles I wrote recently.

Title: Pass it On
Genres: Humor/Gen
Rating: K
Word Count: 249
Note: Written for the "Flowers" theme at iyissekiwa, and the "Gift" theme for 30shards of Jaken.
Summary: A gift ends up in the unlikeliest of places.

Pass it On

Sesshomaru was deep in contemplation. For Sesshomaru, “deep in contemplation” meant staring in the distance on a hilltop or a cliff or a meadow. Today it was a meadow.

While he was lost in thought, his companions busied themselves. Ah-Un grazed in the background as Kohaku marched around the field, restless. He spotted a flower, the prettiest he’d ever seen, and picked it out of boredom. He was about to toss it over his shoulder when Rin ran past him chasing butterflies, and he had a better idea. “Here,” he said, handing it to her.

Rin smiled. “Thanks.” She stuck it behind her ear, and resumed the chase. One of the butterflies flew over to where Jaken was sitting, and landed on top of his head. Rin giggled. Jaken shooed the butterfly away, grumbling. He looked too gloomy for Rin’s taste, so as soon as he wasn’t paying attention, she stuck the flower in his cap, and went on her way. It certainly brightened his appearance, if not his demeanor.

When Sesshomaru told them it was time to go, he gave Jaken a look. “What is this?” he said, picking the flower off Jaken’s head.

“Huh? Oh, that silly Rin must have done that. You can keep it, Lord Sesshomaru.”

Sesshomaru put on a visage of resounding disinterest. What would he want with a flower? He held out his hand. “Ah-Un, come here…”

Ah and Un smacked their lips happily. That was the most delicious flower they’d ever eaten.


Title: Failure of a Priestess
Genres: Action/Drama
Rating: K
Word count: 248
Note: Written for the "Praise" theme at iyfic_contest.
Summary: Young Kaede's spiritual powers are tested when she encounters Sesshomaru.

Failure of a Priestess

“Too slow,” the demon said as the beads of subjugation went flying past his head.

The young priestess aimed an arrow at him. “Inuyasha’s Forest is forbidden! What are ye doing here?”

He stared up at the Goshinboku, and the priestess fumed that he dared disregard her. “So the rumors are true,” he said. “The whelp got sealed to a tree several years ago. However”—his eyes bore into her—“I doubt you are the priestess who did it.”

The bow flinched in her hands. “What makes ye say that?”

“Your spiritual powers are far too weak. If you don’t practice,” he said, raising a poisonous claw, “You’ll lose the rest of your sight along with your looks.” She fired the arrow, but he was already beside her. She felt his hot breath in her ear as his words scorched her. “Pathetic. You’re not even worth the kill.” And he left as suddenly and mysteriously as he had appeared.

Kaede fell to her knees, trembling. Never before had she encountered such a powerful demon, or felt so inadequate. She stared up at the lifeless form of the despicable hanyou who had killed her sister, and swore: “I will become a worthy replacement, Kikyo. I promise.”


It was decades later when Sesshomaru saw Inuyasha again. The purple beads around his neck caught Sesshomaru’s eye, and he remembered the beautiful woman who had once failed to cast them on him. A small smirk came to his face.

Well done, priestess.