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Welcome to the 100 Shards an Inu-Yasha community for people to post drabbles. :D Feel free to read, join and post!

Rules :

- A drabble is a story under 1000 words. Please try and aim more towards 100, as that's the most popular definition of a drabble, but with this new word count allowance, anything over 1000 words will be deleted.

- Anything that's too graphic should be put behind a properly labeled cut. I have no problem with hentai (I encourage it!), but some people don't want to read it without warning.

- This community is for Inu-Yasha drabbles period. Please go to other, more general communities( such as animedrabble or anime100 ) for off-topic posts.

- Criticism is NOT allowed unless asked for. If you break this rule, or if you get too extreme on your criticism (I'm talking flaming here) actions will be taken.

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